I just read all the directions, watched a great tutorial on youtube, but, i have a niggling worry about the lithium battery overheating and burning up like the recent samsung note phone.


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lithium chloride is a hygroscopic metal chloride with extraordinary solubility in most polar solvents.

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lightsail energy s compressed air tanks are made of carbon fiber, the primary ingredient of which carbon is the 4th most abundant element in the universe, and roughly 1,000x more abundant in the earth s crust than lithium.

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when 240 mg of verapamil hydrochloride daily was initiated as investigational antimanic therapy in a patient whose bipolar disorder was inadequately controlled with a therapeutic dosage of lithium, bipolar disorder was controlled within 1 week after initiating combined therapy, but manifestations of neurotoxicity occurred 2 days later despite therapeutic serum lithium concentrations.

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hello, i have only been on lithium 300mg for about 9 months.

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lxt lithium-ion battery and optimum charging system produces 430 total lifetime work with 2.

The lithium will react with the water and you will have even more of an issue on your hands.

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