We consult on any aspect of the Services and Training we provide, and beyond into Business Development, Information Architecture, and so much more.

That said, we prefer the Retainer Contract Model, because our services cover a range and level of work often taken up by founders and partners such as:

  1. Business Strategy / Funnel Design for your Products
  2. Funnel Development (including Graphics, Copy, Web etc.)
  3. Membership Website Development for Fulfillment of your Product Sales
  4. Traffic Generation and Lead Development
  5. Conversion Optimization, and Key Performance Management
  6. Vendor and Staff Procurement, Hiring and On-Boarding (Web Support, VA, etc.)
  7. Exit Strategy, and Valuation Positioning

Retainer Based Consulting

A retainer agreement is a work for hire contract. It falls between a one-time contract and full-time employment. Its distinguishing feature is that the employer pays in advance for work to be specified later. Additional contracts regarding the performance of this work may also apply.

This type of contract helps our clients to ensure we're readily available to see a project through to its conclusion, despite the variable nature of the cycles of discovery, development, production etc.

The purpose of a retainer fee is to ensure payment for future services or work to be rendered.


Absent an agreement to the contrary, a retainer fee is refundable if the work is not performed.

Typically there is a considerable range of retainer models and methods of charging. What most have in common is that a contractor is expected to be on hand to deliver on-demand high-value services to their clients for a certain amount of time, often at short or no notice.

Under some retainer models (but not ours), if the client does not use the time, they pay the retainer nonetheless and ‘lose’ it. That’s like subscribing to a legal helpline for a year and never making a call.

Features of our Retainer Contract

  1. $5,000 base rate. We will consider half-time contracts on a per-case basis.
  2. The retainer is always paid in full in advance.
  3. The retainer provides the client the right to on-call access to the services of our highly skilled and specialized individuals and vendor relationships with little or no delay in availability. You become our highest priority.
  4. Our hourly rate table sets minimum contract deliverable per period.
  5. 1 month minimum retainer period (so if $5,000 at an average rate of $125/hour = 40 hours of delivered work).
  6. Undelivered work in that time frame is rolled over to the next month.
  7. The next month’s retainer isn’t due until the past month’s retainer’s delivered work is met.
  8. If 90 days consecutive pass with no work being delivered, the balance of the previous retainer is refunded and the retainer contract is cancelled if at least 50% of the contracted payment have been used.
  9. Cancelled retainers can be re-instated, but are subject to availability and potential rate increases.
  10. Retainer rates are locked in for at least 1 year. If a rate increase is mandated, during the 1st year of retainer, the increase will not be applied until 1 year has transpired.

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