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i had been taking crestor for a week with no side effects which was great then bang the second week i had numbness and tingling in my left arm and fingers and in my right foot, extreme back pain, pocket of tingling sensation all over my body, very down in the dumps, shaking, extremely tired and just could not get myself going.

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a the main side effect of crestor is muscle cramping or weakness.

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though serious liver damage is rare, doctors prescribing either crestor or zocor will closely monitor important chemical markers that show up in liver tests to make sure the levels are in the acceptable range.

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4 26 17 the results of a study that was published in a recent edition of the journal of the american medical association jama cardiology, that analyzed 29,932 medicare patients ages 66 to 75 who had been hospitalized for a heart attack from 2007 through 2012 and had filled a prescription for either lipitor or crestor found that the majority of them had either cut back or stopped taking the medication after 2 years.

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