Inhibitors of cyp1a2 could potentially reduce the elimination of olanzapine.

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olanzapine side effects writing in the financial times, the former banking boss expresses an apparent change of heart about the risks that barclays and other banks were taking in the years before the crisis, by admitting that leverage.

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using the cb1r-specific ligand, 3h -sr141716a, we confirm that our original findings of a reduction in 3h cp-55940 binding density in the dvc during olanzapine treatment 35 were attributed to the cb1r sub-type and extend these findings into the hypothalamus.

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there is little to choose between the atypicals, although olanzapine may cause fewer extrapyramidal adverse effects than other drugs in this category.

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however, there seems to be no clear correlation between weight gain and metabolic disturbances with olanzapine meyer, 2002 .

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western blot analysis of hypothalamic levels of a pacc or b pampk in rats following ip injection of vehicle ctrl olanzapine olanz; 10 mg kg , clozapine cloz; 25 mg kg .
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