Website Development

OneWebsite Development offers 3 levels of service to accomodate the huge range in features, functionality, design, and customization that a website can involve.

The first 2 levels are OnTime services for which OneWebsite is hired to complete the work, launch the site and provide training and support for the site in a certain period of time ranging form just a few hours to up to 1 month for delivery. Most of our websites can be delivered in just a few days, but the lead-time is always subject to both our workload, and the clients participation as often the project only moves as fast as the client.

Every-One Website

Entry Level Business Websites

This seriers of service offerings are suited to the entry level or for the Do It Yourself type of client. The prices are very low, but the technology and  training are substantial. You won't be left with unfinished or sub-par website. The technology that will run your website will be the very same we use for $1,000,000 websites. The only difference is the level of features that we'll install, configure and customize on you behalf. You'll be charged, and motivated to do these yourself, armed with our extensive training material, included in the price.

There are 3 options available in the Just Get One program:

  1. $197 – Blogger (Hosting Setup, WordPress Installed, DIY Training Access)
  2. $497 – Marketer (Includes Above, Plus WordPress Configured with Essential Plugins)
  3. $997 – Entrepreneur (Includes Above  Plus a Premium Theme, and Additional Essential Plugins installed and Configured)

All-In-One Website

Fully Integrated Content Website Businesses

The All In One program expands on the EveryOne Website program in the Phases of services provided, but goes well beyond the basics of just a few departments of a fully Integrated Website utilizing tools, techniques, services and products from each Department of concern. Each package can also be supplemented with individual One-By-One services and products.

  1. $2,997 – Social (Support) Marketing Connected and Configured
  2. $4,997 – Content (Strategy) Marketing Connected and Configured
  3. $9,997 – Authority Marketing Connected and Configured

Each level above include essential premium plugins and services fully configured.

Zero-To-One Website

Long Term Content Website Business Development

Finally, the Zero To One program is OneTime (financing available), program that will deliver the service of building your Website Business over 18 months.

This program is a sustained development process that will build the framework of the website in the All In One's top level, but will also engage in Content Creation, Marketing, Monetization and Business Development Strategies on your behalf.

This is an advanced Content Website Business Development. Please contact us for more information.

One-Off Website

A La Carte Website Development Services

One-Off is a la carte Website Development and Internet Marketing products and services. The following Services are directly drawn from the Zero To One Procedures. Each procedure includes several tasks, and are billed out according to the rate card below based on a minimum hourly rate of $50/hour and 30 minute minimum.

  • Hosting, Domain Name and WordPress
  • Premium Plugin Install & Configure
  • Premium Theme Install & Configure
  • Discover Project
  • Initiate Project
  • Keyword Discovery and Content Strategy
  • WordPress Training
  • MarketBase Research
  • KnowledgeBase Research
  • Social Network Account Setup
  • Writing First Content – Standard Pages
  • News Wire Syndication – Briefs & Digests
  • Post Master – Editorial Management
  • Review and Publish Pending Articles
  • Content Marketing – Distribution
  • Support Marketing – Syndication
  • Writing Pillar Suggestion Articles
  • Writing Pillar Solution Articles
  • Writing Core and Base Articles
  • Monetization – Sitewide Inventory
  • Email Newsletter Sequences
  • Roadmap Report Creation & Sequence
  • Team Building and OnBoarding
  • Team Training and Review
  • Content Strategy Development