All-In-One Website

For Under $1,000 Websites, see Every-One Website Development.

The All-In-One Website Development Program expands on the Every-One Website Program in the Levels of development and services provided, but goes well beyond the basics of just a few departments of a fully “Integrated Content Website Business” utilizing tools, techniques, services and products from each Department of concern. Each Level can also be supplemented with individual One-On-One Coaching, or On-Off Services.

This level of development DOES INDEED create the framework of your Content Website Business.

It's the ONE website you'll need at the heart of your business, with the most needed features for the lowest possible price.

Each Level INCLUDES the prior Level, so if you go for the Level 3, you get everything that comes in Level 1 and  Level 2.

Each Level of the All-In-One Website also includes a Level 3 Every-One Website ($995 Value)

Each of the following Levels include technology installed and configured, extensive training, templates, and operating procedures for running your business.

  1. Level 1 – Content Website – $2,995 – with Content Marketing – Optimized for Searching
  2. Level 2 – Social Website – $4,995 – with Support Marketing – Optimized for Sharing
  3. Level 3 – Integrated Website – $9,995 – with Authority Marketing – Optimized for Selling (Conversions)

Level 1 – Content Website

Level 1 involves creating a Content Strategy so that you know the best topics to target so that you have the best chance to get found on search engines, resulting in visitors sooner rather than later.

  1. Custom Design and Application to Premium Theme (Level 1)
  2. Content Optimized Child Theme Design
  3. Content Website Plugins Installed and Configured
  4. Content Website Templates and Pages Installed
  5. Content Website Widgets, Widget Areas – Sliders, Feature Boxes, Calls To Action
  6. Standard Content Lead Funnel Developed and Deployed (Lead Capture, Email Service Provider, Newsletter and Follow Up Sequence)
  7. Standard Keyword Research (Report)
  8. Standard Content Strategy (Coaching Session)
  9. Standard Production Strategy (Coaching Session)
  10. 6 Month Membership to Content Marketing Training (Level 1) Training ($600 Value @ $97 / Month)
  11. 3 different Coaching Sessions – 1 Hour Each
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Level 2 – Social Website

In Level 2, we'll go beyond Content Marketing into Social Media and communicating with your Market to build rapport

Level 2 Services:

  1. All Steps in Level 1 (Above)
  2. Social Optimized Child Theme Design
  3. Social Website Plugins Installed and Configured
  4. Social Website Templates and Pages Installed
  5. Social Website Widgets, Widget Areas – Share, Follow, Comment
  6. Standard MarketBase Research – Places (Report)
  7. Standard Support Marketing (Coaching)
  8. 9 Month Membership to Content Marketing Training (Level 1) Training ($600 Value @ $97 / Month)
  9. 5 different Coaching Sessions – 1 Hour Each
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Level 3 – Integrated Website

Level 3 further builds upon Levels 1 and 2, by connecting your website to to advanced Automation services that send emails, create posts, send tweets, post to facebook, all automagically, so that you can spend more time managing your business, and planning your expansion from 1-person blogger, to full on publishing power-house.

Level 3 Services:

  1. All Steps in Level 1 (Above)
  2. All Steps in Level 2 (Above)
  3. Authority Optimized Child Theme Design
  4. Authority Website Plugins Installed and Configured
  5. Authority Website Templates and Pages Installed
  6. Authority Website Widgets, Widget Areas – Authors, Authorship
  7. Premium MarketBase Research – People, Places & Things (Report)
  8. Standard Authority Marketing System (Coaching)
  9. Standard CRM and Marketing Automation Software Setup
  10. Standard Services API Integration
  11. 12 Month Membership to Authority Marketing Training (Level 1) Training ($1,200 Value @ $97 / Month)
  12. 15 different Coaching Sessions – 1 Hour Each – 3 Start-up Sessions and 12 Monthly Reviews.
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