EveryOne Website

There are 3 options available in the EveryOne Website program. Any new website should eventually go through each “Level” of development. If you're on a budget, you can start with the Level 1, or Level 2, and then Do It Yourself for the rest of the way. You can also supplement your work with a few of our One-On-One services or Training.

This level of development does not create Content Website Business. It's the essential framework of the ONE website you'll need at the heart of your business, with the most needed features for the lowest possible price.

Each Level INCLUDES the prior Level, so if you go for the Connected Level (Level 3), you get everything that comes in Level 1 and  Level 2.

We deal exclusively in WordPress Websites.

WordPress is the #1 Content Management Systems in the World.

It's powerful, robust, simple and effective. It will scale with your business so you won't have to scrap your old website for a new one later on.

Each of the following Levels include technology installed and configured

  1. Level 1 – Installed – Ready in 1 Hour = $195
  2. Level 2 – Configured – Ready in 1 Day = $495 (Upgrade from Level 1 for $300)
  3. Phase 3 – Operational – Ready in 1 Week = $995 (Upgrade from Level 2 for $500, or from Level 1 for $800)

Level 1 – Website Installation – The One Hour Website

Level 1 involves getting your website setup. We'll do the installation for you, either on your own host, or ours. We support 5 of the most popular, stable, inexpensive, and useful hosts in the world.

  1. Hosting Account Setup or Accessed (Hosting Account sold separately by a 3rd party which is around $10 per month)
  2. Domain Name Purchased, or Pointed ($47 Value) – General TLD's only.
  3. Website Software (WordPress) Installed
  4. User Account for the Principal Generated and Forwarded
  5. Standard Parent Theme Installed ($47 Value)
  6. 1 Month Membership to WordPress (Level 1) Training ($47 Value)
Buy Level 1 for $295 More Info Get Training

Phase 2 – Website Configuration – The One Day Website

In Level 2, we'll go beyond the setup and installation, and configure the website so it's ready to be used. This includes adding a few more plugins or services to make the site fully functional.

Level 2 Services:

  1. All Steps in Level 1 (Above)
  2. Standard Child Theme Installed and Options Configured
  3. Standard Pages and Templates Created
  4. Standard Plugins Suite Installed and Configured
  5. Standard Widgets and Widget Area Created
  6. Website Menu Navigation Created
  7. 1 Month Membership to WordPress (Level 2) Training ($47 Value)
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Phase 3 – Website Opperations – The One Week Website

Level 3 further builds upon Levels 1 and 2, by connecting your website to the internet in a more fully integrated way, including standard social networks, and other dependent services.

Level 3 Services:

  1. All Steps in Level 1 (Above)
  2. All Steps in Level 2 (Above)
  3. Premium Child Theme Installed and Configured
  4. Premium Pages and Templates Created
  5. Premium Plugins Suite Installed, Configured and Connected
  6. Standard Widgets and Widget Area Created
  7. IMAP Email Accounts Created and Forwarded (3)
  8. Google Services: Gmail, Webmaster Tools and Analytics Accounts Connected
  9. Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Accounts (Pages) Created and Connected with Basic Identity Applied (Logo, Banner, Icon)
  10. 1 Month Membership to WordPress (Level 1, 2 and 3) Training ($97 Value)
Buy Level 1 for $995 More Info Get Training