Website Management

Website and Hosting Management by OneWebsite is very much like Property Management for commercial real estate such as apartment buildings, office buildings and strip malls. Website Management takes care of all the details of your revenue generating website so that you can focus on your investment, your portfolio of websites.

Website Management for Premium Content Website Businesses (and Blogs)

You may have built your blog from scratch or purchased it as an investment on the open market. Regardless of how you acquired your website business, website management will take care of the business end of your property so you can focus on what you want to.

Perhaps you want to just write one post per week. Or maybe you don't want to write any posts at all. Maybe you love engaging the community but just don't want to build back links. Or, maybe you don't want to do anything but let the money roll in.

Website Management for Investors

If you haven't yet acquired a website, OneWebsite Acquisitions can help you with buying a website. Once holding a revenue producing asset like a Blog or Forum, you'll want  to maximize your investment by standardizing the format, building upon strengths, eliminating weaknesses and continuing in the Internet Marketing Continuum –producing content, generating traffic and building revenue– the foundation of Website Marketing.

Levels of Website Management

  1. WordPress Hosting & Systems Management: A step beyond hosting, like insurance for individual, small-website owners who don't have a staff, or a budget to invest just right now.
  2. Content & Editorial Management: The engine that drives any Content Website Business is managed from Discovery through the entire Production Sequence, consistent, and effective.
  3. Advertising Sales & Management: Create, and sell the inventory spaces on your website, to compliment your in-house spots, and fill with contextual ads or affiliate promotions:
  4. Promotions & Affiliate Management: Recruit and manage partners, and content to facilitate the promotion of theirs and your offers.
  5. Content Website Business Management: Like a manager for stars, bands, businesses, or even rental properties. We managed the aspects of running the business of a Content Website Business using our Framework call the  “Authority Management System”