Website Marketing

Website Marketing by OneWebsite can have many, sub-styles of marketing, but we focus on what we call the BIG 3, each building on each other. While these concepts are at first abstract, they are in fact quite simple to deploy. The difficulty is in being consistent, and delivering value. Do those two things, and your Content Website Business is sure to grow substantially, and quickly. It can't NOT!

  • Content Marketing
  • Support Marketing
  • Authority Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of marketing a website by creating, publishing and engaging content throughout the Internet on the primary “Host Website”, on controlled satellite properties such as Facebook as well as on community properties like external blogs and forums that are not under control.

By creating content that solves your audiences biggest Questions and Problems, you'll build credibility and if your content is good, it will be shared, and linked to over time. This content serves as your entry point into the Market-Place showing those you would wish to convert to clients, that your mindset is to server first and sell second.

Support Marketing

Support Marketing is the process of “Supporting” your content, your audience, and indeed, the market at large. As you create content that targets the most important Questions and Problems that your audience is facing as they search for the solutions (hopefully your products), the market is busy asking those very questions, on your site, social channels like Facebook, and Twitter, but also on other sites, like Q&A sites such as Quara, and other Blogs and Forums.

By committing to daily support, by answering these questions, providing guidance (often linking back to your content), you build rapport, value, and brand loyalty with those people you support, but you also build back-links, social mentions, and more content as you find more questions and problems to solve, and create content around.

Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing is the process of leveraging the leaders in your “related” market, those bloggers, and businesses that already have some “Authority”, reach, or credibility in their Niches. First, discover and recruit these leaders to your cause, carefully such that you build a “Syndicate” of perfectly matched complimentary topics (and sometimes direct competitors). Next engage in a Content Strategy by either (or both), interviewing these people on the subjects they can speak to with Authority, or publish their content (syndicate it), on your site.

The result is a compounding benefit of links and shares, to an extensive network, whereby you're continuously being referred to the “Expert” in your field ((of inferred as such due to your relationship and proximity to those who are clearly expects as well).