Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing is the process of leveraging the leaders in your “related” market, those bloggers, and businesses that already have some “Authority”, reach, or credibility in their Niches. First, discover and recruit these leaders to your cause, carefully such that you build a “Syndicate” of perfectly matched complimentary topics (and sometimes direct competitors). Next engage in a Content Strategy by either (or both), interviewing these people on the subjects they can speak to with Authority, or publish their content (syndicate it), on your site.

The result is a compounding benefit of links and shares, to an extensive network, whereby you’re continuously being referred to the “Expert” in your field ((of inferred as such due to your relationship and proximity to those who are clearly expects as well).

Authority Marketing Services

The result is substantial traffic from the reach and influence of your “Syndicate's” network and desire to market their own content and extend their reach through your network as well.

This authority marketing package assumes you already have a website property and you wish to build your content and audience base. If you don't have a website yet, we can service both the Website Development and Website Marketing once you have your primary “One” Website to work with.

Our Authority Marketing Service is a 5 step process which all happens concurrently:

  1. Market “People” Research to find  Target those Influencers with Reach
  2. Deployment of a “Base” or CRM to manage the People in your network
  3. Development of your system assets to “Acquire and Inspire” your Syndicate to contribute, and share.
  4. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Deliverable targets of Authority “Touches” to ensure a base level of “Work” is done each month, leaving your team to take it to another level.
  5. Report of Results (Frequency depends on plan chosen)

Our standard package is $997/month with a 1 year contract (ask about our rates on a month-to-month basis). This package assumes a Base Level of Quantity and Quality. If you wish to scale back on Content Quality or Quantity, we have created our “Half-Time” and our “In-Time” packages which essentially halve the pace of engagement.

If you would like a detailed description of what each deliverable includes during each month of the 12 month cycle, please Contact Us so that we can contact you directly with this information.

The following 4 packages each deliver the same features over time but each at a different pace.

Authority Marketing Plans

Full Time (Most Popular) – $997/month

The Full Time Support Marketing Plan is Full Speed Ahead. This is a robust package at a pace that is neither slow nor aggressive.

Half Time – $497/month

Monthly delivery of the growth packages at half the normal speed. You can choose where you want to cut back: number of “touches” per period.

Take Your Time – $297/month

The Take Your Time Support Marketing package is the slowest recommended paid service. It provides just enough support to your own efforts to really feel a boost in results, or the bare minimum to ensure your website does indeed grow, and grow towards to determined objectives.

Double Time – $2,497/month

The Double Time Support Marketing plan is a much more aggressive campaign delivering 3x the results.