Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of marketing a website by creating, publishing and engaging content throughout the Internet on the primary “Host Website”, on controlled satellite properties such as Facebook as well as on community properties like external blogs and forums that are not under control.

The answer to most questions in marketing today is “Content Marketing”, which combines creating traffic, in a consistent, specific, and targeted manner, and coupled with a continual and persistent Social Media strategy to get your content into the market place.

Website Marketing comes in 3 flavours: Paid Advertising (think Google Adwords), Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

We at OneWebsite believe you can always “Buy” traffic, but you should only do so once you fully understand both what your offer is, and how you'll convert your traffic.

Content Marketing Services

The result is substantial traffic from search engines for your targeted topics, as well as referrals from Social Networks by a growing, engaged and loyal fan base which has been converted into leads for however you intend to use the traffic/audience that's been created.

This content marketing package assumes you already have a website property and you wish to build your content and audience base. If you don't have a website yet, we can service both the Website Development and Website Marketing once you have your primary Host Website.

Our Website Marketing Service is a 5 step process which all happens concurrently:

  1. Blog Content Strategy and Creation
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Network Strategy and Execution
  4. Community Engagement and Link Building
  5. Traffic Lead Conversion

Our standard package is $997/month with a 1 year contract (ask about our rates on a month-to-month basis). This package assumes a Base Level of Quantity and Quality. If you wish to scale back on Content Quality or Quantity, or on Community Engagement and Link Building, we have created our “Half-Time” and our “In-Time” packages which essentially halve the pace of engagement.

If you would like a detailed description of what each deliverable includes during each month of the 12 month cycle, please fill out the form located on this page so that we can contact you directly with this information.

Current clients can subscribe to or change their subscriptions on this page.

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The following 4 packages each deliver the same features over time but each at a different pace.

Content Marketing Plans

Full Time (Most Popular) – $997/month

The Full Time Content Marketing Plan is Full Speed Ahead. This is a robust package at a pace that is neither slow nor aggressive.

Half Time – $497/month

Monthly delivery of the growth packages at half the normal speed. You can choose where you want to cut back: number of articles, quality of articles, number of backlinks, or amount of time of community engagement.

Take Your Time – $297/month

The Take Your Time Content Marketing package is the slowest recommended paid service. It provides just enough support to your own efforts to really feel a boost in results, or the bare minimum to ensure your website does indeed grow, and grow towards to determined objectives.

Double Time – $2,497/month

The Double Time Content Marketing plan is a much more aggressive campaign delivering 3x the results.